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  • Ref.: 000571
    Flat for sale
    Urbanización Vista Hermosa, Santa Margarita-El Zabal(11315)
    3 Beds.
    120 M2
  • Ref.: 000572
    Semi-detached house for sale
    Avenida María Guerrero, San Pedro-Gabriel Miró-María Guerrero(11315)
    5 Beds.
    341 M2
  • Ref.: 000570
    Detached house for sale
    Urbanización Invespania, Torreguadiaro-San Diego(11312)
    4 Beds.
    244 M2
  • Ref.: 000569
    Flat for sale
    Avenida Holanda, Reconquista-San José Artesano-El Rosario(11205)
    4 Beds.
    125 M2
  • Ref.: 000566
    Detached house for sale
    Travesía Avenida Burgos, Santa Margarita-El Zabal(11315)
    9 Beds.
    692 M2
  • Ref.: 000554
    Land for sale
    Calle Lazaga, 25, Santa Margarita-El Zabal(11315)
    1070 M2
  • Ref.: 000510
    Detached house for sale
    Calle ALCANADA, Santa Margarita-El Zabal
    5 Beds.
    200 M2

About us

Welcome to EASYRENTING, the best online website to rent properties in La Linea de la Concepción, Santa Margarita & Venta Melchor. We have properties for rental too in Alcaidesa, San Roque Club, Sotogrande, Campamento, Puente Mayorga and San Roque.

Why to spend thounsands of pounds to live in Gib? Check the prices that we have for fantastic apartments very close to the border and you will see how you can save more than 100% of your actual rental price. For the price of an small studio in Gib you can rent with us a luxury apartment that you will not able to afford in Gib. Come to live in La Línea or nearest towns and enjoy our beachs, bars, restaurants, people, outdoor spaces, and save lot of money in your property for rental.

SEARCH: In our search option you can have a look the high quality of our properties for rental in the city. It will be very easy for you to send us what kind of propertie are you looking for exactly because we have almost all the properties for rental in the city !! It is possible that this property will not be available for rental this days, but how we manage so manyproperties, in the same day you will recieve very similar properties for rental availables or availables in few days, similars or cheapest or much better than you can imagine :D.

Why there are not too much properties availables in my budget?

-Each week there are lots customers like you, waiting for a nice property close to the border in a correct price. In the city there are hundreds of them, but there is a problem, almost of these properties has been rented to people that stay in the apartments 1-3 years and are still arriving new customers each week. What we do is to follow an order of interested customers that are waiting for an specific property that is not available now. Usually im the first agent in the city that knows when one of this properties is going to be available, because i manage the 90% of all properties in La Linea. At this time i check my customers in standby and email them the complete info about the new property available and if they want to cometo visit it only has to confirm to me. I have never forget any customer, i save all your data and check every day to be sure if i have take something for them. We will be in touch with you until we give you what you are looking for, or you will say us that you have found it by your self ;)